Applying a bottle label to a bottle at home.

Applying a bottle label to a bottle. 

Once you have a freshly cleaned bottle and a brand new printed label in your hands all you need to do to complete the perfect gift is combine the two. This may sound simple and straight forward, but the last thing you want to do is rush it and end up with a creased label or a whole load of air bubbles.


To make things nice and simple our label experts have put together this handy 2 minute tutorial that will save you plenty of headaches down the road. Let’s get started…


Step 1: Take a Seat

Make sure you have a comfortable to chair to sit on so that you can hold your bottle between your legs so that it lies flat. You’ll find that this is far easier than holding your bottle as you’ll have both hands free to align your brilliant new label.


You’ll also want to avoid try to rest your bottle on a table or other level surface as it will start rolling around and make the job ten times harder.


Step 2: Take Aim

Line your label up with where you want it to go before you remove the label backing. Run through the motion a couple of times until it feels second nature and then you’re ready to get peeling. Of course if you’re gluing standard paper then you’ll need to get your glue out, but don’t soak it in the stuff as it will crinkle up and not do your design justice.


Step 3: Apply Smoothly

Once you’ve removed the label back you can apply the label in one smooth motion from one end to the other. Avoid the temptation to slap it right on in one go like you would a stamp; it’s too big to apply in that way. Slide your hand down the bottle, apply the label evenly as you go for best results.


Step 4: The Final Check

Give your label a once over and check for any small air bubbles. They will often start moving towards the edges of the label before popping, but if you want to speed things up you can gently push them to the nearest label edge with your thumb.

Now, we can’t say fairer than that can we?


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