Design your own bottle label

Design your own bottle label

Ok folks, you’ve decided to take gifting to new heights by creating something the likes of which the world has never seen. Fair play to you.

To make things nice and easy our label wizards have put together a handy two minute tutorial that will talk you through everything you need to know…

Step 1: Click the Link

Here it is folks: The Link


This will take you to our amazing label design software than you can learn to use in just a couple of clicks.


Step 2: Know the Law

This may not sound like the most fun thing to do but if you want to make sure your label is the best it can be then you’ll need to put the %VOL and CL on there. They’re required by law so don’t cut a corner and you’ll be fine.


Step 3: Choose Your Orientation

Spirits and wines tend to use a portrait label, the rest normally opt for landscape. Before you get far into the design process you’ll want to decide what type of bottle you’re going to use it on.


Step 4: Size and Colour

You’re making great progress by now if you’ve got to this stage. White backgrounds create crisp labels that catch the eye, but you have the freedom to choose whatever you like best.


In terms of size you don’t want to go too big or too small. 12 x 8 cm is normally about right.


Step 5: The Personal Touch

This is the bit you’ve been waiting for because it’s the fun bit!


A name is a great title for your special tipple, and keeping it to a couple of 25 character lines is a great way to go about things if you want to really catch the eye.


Step 6: The Finishing Touches

Always take a minute to review your label. You could even sleep on it if you want to and make a quick change in the morning before printing. Because our software is super low maintenance to use you’ll find it dead easy to tweak your label with the click of a button.


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