Personalised Cava Labels

Personalised Cava Labels

Giving a gift that will live long in the memory is all about finding something unique that no one has seen before. Luckily for you that’s where our Personalised Cava Labels come in. With a whole host of designs to get you started, we have everything you need to create something the world has never seen!

Simply choose your style, make it look memorable, and throw in a picture for good measure, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Show your friends what you can create in seconds with your very own Personalised Cava Labels. Ideal for bringing any party to life.

A huge range of high quality premium personalised labels to choose from. The labels are 'Self Adhesive' and easy to apply. Simply remove the existing front label and affix your own personalised version.

Please note - no cava bottles are supplied with this gift.

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