What temperature should red wine be stored at? Can you chill red wine?

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What temperature should red wine be stored at? Can you chill red wine?

What temperature should red wine be stored at? Can you chill red wine?

In our latest blog, we take a look at the best temperature to store your red wine for optimal taste.

We investigate some popular red wine storage questions like ‘Can you chill Red wine?” and “What temperature should Red wine be stored at?”.


Can you chill Red Wine?

If you take a look in the alcohol section of your local supermarket you may see a chilled section storing ‘ready to drink’ chilled beers, ciders and wine.

A new addition in the last few years to this chilled section is surprisingly Red wine. Red wine, chilled?! Surely not?! Well yes actually, chilled Red wine seems to be the new ‘in thing’! Whilst some wine experts will pull a face and shake their head, others are actually describing this as OK and “why not?”

Should Red wine be served at room temperature?

A common misconception is that Red wine must be stored and served at room temperature. Each Red wine normally has a different recommended storage temperature. Whilst there are lots of varieties of Red wine, these can normally be broken down into 3 types:
Full-Bodied Red Wine
Medium-Bodied Red Wine
Light-Bodied Red Wine

What type of Red wine can be chilled?

For each type, a Somalia will recommend a different temperature. Light bodied Red wine has the lowest recommended temperature at 55-60 degrees. A medium bodied Red wine has a slightly warmer temperature of 60-62 degrees. Lastly, full-bodied Red wine has the warmest temperature at 64-65 degrees.

Although there is no harm chilling any type of Red wine, the best types to be chilled are the light-bodied Red wines. A good example of a light Red wine is Pinot Noir. Placing this wine in the fridge and removing it 30 minutes before you drink it, is most probably the optimum temperature for that type of wine.

All said and done, you have the right to drink the Red wine how you enjoy it best. For some, this is chilled and others this is room temperature. The bottom line is it’s absolutely fine to chill Red wine should you choose. After all, there is nothing better than ‘chilling out’ with a glass of Red wine!

How long can I keep opened Red wine?

For those of you that don’t always polish off that bottle in one day, what do you do?
A question that is often asked is should red wine be chilled after opening or do I store it in a cool dry place instead?
Well! The simple answer is yes, a Red wine should be stored in a refrigerator once opened. So you’ve only drunk half the bottle, what now?

For optimal storage of your Red wine always make sure you push the cork back into the top before storage. Your Red wine is then stored in a refrigerator upright. Wine stored this way reduces the time of oxidation and keeps it tasting fresh as the day you opened it.


How many days can I store Red wine once opened?

Regardless of the type of Red wine, we’d recommend storing opened bottles of wine in the fridge. By doing this it will slow down the oxidation resulting in the Red wine staying fresher for longer.

By following the storage advice above, your opened bottle of Red wine will stay fresh in the refrigerator for 3-5 days at least. Best practise would be to remove the Red wine from the fridge 30 minutes before you wish to consume. By doing this the wine will slowly increase to room temperature where it’s optimal drinking temperature will be reached.

How shall I store my unopened Red wine?

So this is easy! Unopened Red wine should be stored in a cellar of approximate 12 degrees.
What? You don't have a celler?! Like many of us, you’re more likely to have a kitchen than a celler.

So, the best method of storing Red wine at home is in a kitchen cupboard. The temperature should be approximately 12-15 degrees. That is why storing unopened Red wine in the fridge is not the best option. Temperatures below 12 degrees are more likely to preserve the wine instead of letting it develop.

The final word on storing Red wine

To summarise, Red wine can be consumed at the temperature you enjoy it most. Don’t let anyone tell you different! It’s fine to chill it and fine if you don’t.

Once opened, Red wine is best stored in the fridge whilst not in use. When you wish to consume it again, simply remove it 30 minutes before and you are good to go! Whichever way you decide to drink your Red wine, make sure you drink it the way you enjoy it and don’t let anyone tell you any different! Relax and enjoy!


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