Which alcoholic drink fits with your diet?

Which alcoholic drink fits with your diet?

Stuart Lee

Which alcoholic drink fits with your diet?


This is the question that so many of us have been staying up late at night frantically googling, so we thought we'd put it to bed for good and finally come up with the answers. That way you can still have fun, socialise, and let it all hang out when you wanna strip away a few pounds. Ideal when you want to start looking your best without feeling like you're missing out.


Now that you know what we have in store, let's go for it and get started!


What is a calorie?

Calories are units of energy in food and drink. You need them to stay alive and to fuel your body and mind, but not all calories were created equal. This means you can get junk calories from fast food and beer that really don't do much for you other than help you pack on the pounds, or you can get really good quality calories from fruit and veg. Going on a diet is about figuring out how to get the balance right between having fun on the one hand, and giving your body what it actually needs on the other hand.


Because nearly all of the calories in any alcoholic drink aren’t that good for you when it comes to your diet, we're going to look at low-calorie options that you can use to have fun. Here goes nothing…


A quick word on low calorie beer

The problem with beer is that if you're using it to have a good night you're not likely to drink just one pint, and that's where the calories really pile up. There's plenty of articles out there that will tell you a pint of the black stuff over from Ireland will have as many calories as a good sized roast dinner. That's certainly not something that your diet is going to thank you for in the morning.


To make sure you keep those scales smiling and your waistline is shrinking, we're going to put beer to one side and focus on a few of the other drinks that are out there. Why? It's just easier that way.


Champagne is a great low calorie drink option…

If you're in the mood to celebrate then an expensive glass of champagne is going to be right at the top of the list, but what about your diet? Well, the good news is that four ounces of champagne contains only 80 cal. That's less than a bag of crisps which means toasting someone at a special event won't throw your diet to the wolves.


As with everything in this article the key is moderation, so remember that one or two glasses is fine, but polishing off the bottle really isn't going to be great for your diet. I know it's not what you want to hear, but when it comes to your diet you sometimes have to make these little sacrifices in the short term.


The Russians have some low calorie drink ideas

You’d be a fool if you ever tried to tell anyone that vodka was a health drink, but when it comes to dieting it’s actually a good option for a low-calorie drink. Finding drinks with low calories is difficult, so sometimes spirits are the best way to go. You can't drink anywhere near as much of them as those heavy-on-the-stomach pints or wines that you love, which is something they have going for them from the very beginning.


A double shot of vodka has just 97 cal, which again is less than a packet of good old ready salted or smoky bacon. Good news for those of you who are happy to nurse an orange juice pr water for most of the night, but still have opportunity to toast someone’s success the right way.


Don't forget Mexico when it’s time to for a low calorie drink…


No one will be able to tell you that a big burrito or bowl of nachos is a great option for your diet at the best of times, but tequila could be a good substitute for beer and wine. A double shot contains just 97 cal — exactly the same as your favourite double Russian tipple of vodka. This gives you another way to have fun and celebrate without feeling like you’re missing out completely because you're on a diet.


What if you stick to soft drinks?

You might think Coke and Pepsi are a great alternative to beer because they're not going to give your liver a workout it doesn't need, but what about the calories? While you can get 0 cal Coke and Pepsi, you have to think about all those artificial sugars that you're taking at the same time. You don't wanna cut out calories as the sole focus of your diet without thinking about the rest of the ingredients you're putting into your body.


If in doubt, go for something like a pure fruit juice or even some sparkling water with a little bit of lemon. That way you can play it safe with what you give your body and you'll still be able to look the scales in the eye on Monday morning.


Now that we've covered a whole host of options for you to consider, we know we need to answer one final question that's definitely been on your mind…


Don't you guys make money from alcohol?

We do, but that doesn't mean you won't find something you love when you come on in and take a look. You could get a personalised label ready and waiting for your celebratory drink when you hit the next milestone. You could give someone a gift they will never forget. Or, you could even add a few labels to your favourite sports drinks bottle if that's what you really want to do.


The choice is yours, and we’re ready and waiting whenever you want to give it a try.




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