Print your own bottle labels

Print your own bottle labels at home

The big moment has finally arrived. You’ve used all your humour and creativity to finalise the coolest design the world has ever known, and all you have to do now is get printing. Printers aren’t everyone’s favourite thing to work with, especially if you have to remember how to boot it up and swap out the ink.


To make sure everything runs smoothly our experts have put together a handy two minute tutorial that will ensure you don’t fall at the final hurdle.


Step 1: Find the Right Tools

They say a bad workman blames their tools; but really a bad workman is also someone who rushes and bodges rather than taking the time to find the right tools.


Put 5 minutes aside in the evening and get all of the following in one place and you’ll be marvelling at your printed design in no time at all:


  • Sticky back paper or photo paper to print your label on
  • A knife, guillotine or sharp pair of scissors to cut the label out
  • Colour printer — you can guess what this is for!


Step 2: Email, What Email?

The moment you finish your label using our free software we send you a link to your personal high res .jpeg. If it’s not in your inbox after a couple of minutes then pop open the dreaded junk folder and you should find it in there.


Open it up, click the link, right click and select ‘Print’.


Step 3: Master the Printer Options

You want your label to look the business which means you’re going to have to fiddle a little bit with the settings on your printer. Don’t worry though because we’ve done this a million times…


You’ll want to select the highest resolution and Dots Per Inch (DPI) so that you get the best looking label known to man. Then load up that paper tray with a piece of flawless photo paper and you’re all set my friend.


Step 4: It’s Here, Now Cut it Out

The nervy moment for most people is cutting out their label but it really doesn’t have to be. Remember that you can easily buy a whole block of paper and print off a couple of spares in a few seconds if you fancy it.


Now, put that negativity out of your mind and reach for your cutting tool of choice. Line everything up, take your time, and focus.


Now that wasn’t too tricky now was it folks?