3 Amazing Gin gift ideas for Gin lovers

Go back 20 years and the only Gin-based drinks you would find in bars were a Dry Martini or a Gin & Tonic. Now, more and more bars experiment or even dedicate themselves to it. Nobody can be certain why, but it could be because gin is one of the most highly versatile spirits. For that reason, bartenders absolutely love it!

Gin has the potential to be mixed with a wild variety of botanicals and flavours which only serve to bring out the best in it. With more and more ginthusiasts in the world, it is likely you are close with one or two yourself. With that in mind, here are some suggestions for the top gin gift ideas you can give right now.

1. Craft Gin Subscription

When you think of gin gifts, I guess that the first brand, and possibly the only brand, that you think of is Gordon’s. Am I right? Boring! There is so much more out there. And there is no better way to help someone discover their pallet than to show them the diversity of gins out there. That’s where a craft gin subscription comes in.

You can get a distinct bottle of craft gin sent straight to your door every single month, alongside a gin box containing surprises to help you get the most out of it. If you don’t drink it all straight away that is!

2. Personalised Premium Gin & Truffles

Not many combinations could be great than our gin and truffles. You can personalise the label on our mouth-watering, premium London gin with your own picture, and even include the recipient’s name and a message for them, whatever it might be.

We offer a wide range of addictive, hand-made truffles including Strawberry, Amoretto and even an enticing Death by Chocolate flavour. A package contains 16 truffles and you can choose how many of each flavour you want. To top it all off, the bottle and chocolates are supplied in a premium and elegant satin-lined gin gift box showing your special someone that you truly do care.

3. Eatable Gin


Yes, I did really just say eatable gin. Crazy, right? But when you are thinking of gin gifts, what could be better? You would be surprised to learn how many types of food and snacks you can get infused with gin to make them taste extra special. Tart, crisps, chocolate, ice cream and even popcorn, you can get it all.

You can get these from brands such as Jude’s, Joe & Seph’s, and even Aldi. Who knew? This gin gift is ideal for those who want to settle down and have a gin binge with a movie. Sweet paradise.

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