How to serve Pink Gin

The tipple that everyone is talking about this year is pink gin. Everywhere you look this mouthwatering drink is flying off the shelves and pouring itself into glasses up and down the country. To give you the spark of inspiration you’ve been looking for we’re going to take a look at exactly how you should serve the drink of the year. Ideal if you want to turn your next party into the gathering of the century that will be talked about for years!

Should You Serve it Alone?

This is one of those questions that has a couple of different answers depending on what mood you’re in. If you want to sit back and relax in the evening then a glass of neat pink gin will always go down well. If however you really want to bring the unique flavour and look to the fore then nothing compares to mixing it in with a fruity cocktail or punch.

Let’s dive right in and take a look at a few of the very best recipes out there so that you can knock them up and give them a try…                                   

A Punch That Packs a Punch

The sounds of summer are very much here, which means there’s nothing more mouthwatering than a big bowl of punch set up next to your BBQ. With meat coming fresh off the grill, the sun beating down on the decking, and everyone kicking back and enjoying the great weather all you need to cap things off is an ice cold drink.

A fruity punch really brings pink gin to life which is why when you want to know how to serve pink gin you need to start by reaching for your trusty punch bowl. Add an even split of lemonade and cranberry juice for starters and you’ll have the perfect fruity base that every punch needs. The lemonade provides the fizz and that can’t be beaten refreshing taste that we all love it for. Then you have the cranberry whose more refined fruity taste perfectly compliments the lemonade in every glass.

I know what you’re thinking: ‘how do you know when you’ve got enough gin in there?’ Whilst it’s true that you can’t have too much of a good thing, you want to get the balance right so that your punch is fruity and refreshing rather than overpowering. If you pour in 200 ml of pink gin for every 300 ml of lemonade then you’ll be onto a winner the moment you start stirring it all together.

Want a finishing touch? Add some raspberries, strawberries, and a handful of mixed berries to the mix to really bring everything together. Not only will they look amazing, they’ll also soak up a little of your delicious punch and be the perfect fruity snack that you can enjoy in the afternoon and late into the evening!

Want a Touch of Elegance?

Punch is the classic summer drink, but how about if you want something you can enjoy all year round that comes with a refined touch?

What you need to do folks is try a Pink Bramble for starters. The connoisseurs amongst you will recognise this classic immediately, but don’t worry if this is your first introduction to one of the must-try drinks. Making it may sound a little complicated and fiddly, but trust me that you’ll have mastered it in minutes and will wonder how you ever went this long without it in your life the moment it passes your lips.

Start with a 50 ml shot of the pink stuff in a tumbler. If you feel like you want a little more then hold off for now. The Pink Bramble is a drink that is all about those fine margins so stay with me and give the end result a taste before you start putting your own stamp on things!

Next you need to get that measuring spoon out and focus…this is the time to show the rest of the party just how steady your hands are! Measure out 25 ml of fresh lemon juice, making sure it has been strained and is free from those little bits that float about. Add it to the mix and you’ll be half way done folks!

Next things get sweeter than you can imagine with 20 ml of sugar syrup. Make sure you get this measure spot on otherwise your Bramble may be a thorn in your side (see what I did there). Too much and the sweetness will overpower your palette, not enough and it just won’t quite pull everything together with the sweet background that your tastebuds will have been expecting.

Now we’re on the homestretch folks which means all you have to do is add your favourite summer fruits as an eye-catching garnish. You could go for anything from strawberries and blackcurrants to summer fruits and a tangy raspberry for good measure. Give it a try but don’t down it in one as this is a drink to sip and enjoy.

Oh and one more thing…make sure you serve it over the top of some crushed ice if you want to take things to the next level.

The Classic Way to Serve Pink Gin

When you think Gin you instantly think Tonic. They’re like two peas in a pod that are inseparable in most of our minds, and the same is true of pink gin. The great thing about using pink gin is that you can give your G&T an authentic fruity twist that will allow you to breathe new life into one the world’s classic tipples. The even better news is that you can knock one up in seconds…

Grab your favourite large wine glass and fill it half way up with some crushed ice. Next you’ll want to add some tonic water and pink gin in a ratio of 3:1; this will give you the perfect balance. Finally, top things off with a fruity garnish in the form of a couple of sliced strawberries around the rim and a couple of summer fruits nestling on top of the crushed ice.

Now that you know how to serve pink gin all you have to do is taste each of these instant classics for yourself!

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